Tool for systemic transformation

We live in a world of technology. It’s just not a question of devices or applications, it’s a logic behind our processes and our thinking.

However, it seems that all educational organisations do not live in the same world as their students: Teachers build their own kingdoms inside the classroom without interaction with colleagues or the world of work. Support functions have their gadget / money / whatever goggles on and see nothing else outside their own sphere of operation. Management is busy with social, political, economical and what not challenges. Schools as organisations have a vast variety of goals, agendas, approaches, methods, environments, as well as outcomes and results. Students may or may not learn the things they need to in order to make it ”out there”, which is where they actually operate on all fields of life.

The DigCompOrg is a tool for systemic transformation of the whole organisation. It facilitates the interplay of separate functions with technology as the underlying factor. The framework can help the educational organisation in

  • seeing the big picture and addressing the relevant aspects
  • planning the steps of digitalisation
  • shifting from administrative to pedagogical process development
  • realising that professional competence is not an individual matter but an organisational factor.

Inspired by: ”School and Technology, an indivisible binomial” discussion by Linda Castañeda, Fernando Trujillo and Nair Carrera.




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